C31 trailer for Frankston TV | Episode 5 | Sunday, 7 April 7.30pm

Uploaded: 1st of August 2013 | By: jono

FrankstonTV is Australia’s first community driven YouTube network. Anyone can upload videos to FrankstonTV on YouTube, as long as it has something positive to do with Frankston!

The best community contributions have been pulled together to form this C31 TV series — a ‘best-of’ compilation, if you will! The series highlights everything great about Frankston; events, music, community groups, sports, education and heaps more.

The best part is that the series has been shot by people like you!

If the C31 series doesn’t satisfy your FrankstonTV cravings, you can watch over 140 contributions that have been uploaded to the YouTube channel, or visit our website

Proudly produced by the community and Frankston City Council.


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