FTV on C31

crypto mining servicesFrankstonTV was transformed into a free-to-air TV series across Melbourne in March 2013.  Six episodes were aired on Channel 31 attracting an audience of over 94,000 viewers. Following the success of the season one, a second season is being planned for later in 2013.  Frankston City businesses can access heavily subsidised advetising packages (starting at around $20 per advert).  Contact FrankstonTV Enterprises (through Frankston City Council) today to get your advert produced as soon as possible.  Limited advertising space is available on the Channel 31 series.

If you would like to pursue the production of a film, please contact Frankston City Council, who can refer you to the FrankstonTV Enterprise of your choice.

Email: business@frankston.vic.gov.au
Phone: 1300 322 322 and ask for the Business Development Teamresearch paper writing