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When was the last time you did a search for ‘Frankston’ on YouTube?

When was the last tme you did a search for ‘Frankston’ on YouTube?

FrankstonTV is a community YouTube network that was launched in February 2011.  The objective of FrankstonTV is to generate content about why Frankston City is the preferred destination to live, work, visit, invest and play on video streaming site, YouTube.  Anyone in the community is able to upload film clips to the FrankstonTV YouTube Channel, by registering on this site (terms and conditions apply).

The channel was launched with a competition, calling on proud Frankstonian’s to produce film clips about why they love Frankston.  The response to the competition was overwhelming, with an almost overnight transformation of the way Frankston is portrayed on YouTube.  The competition’s 21 entries generated over 16,000 views on the FrankstonTV YouTube channel.  The winning film clip, ‘What Leon Likes about Frankston’ recorded over 1900 views.

Previously, a search for ‘Frankston’ on YouTube resulted in an array of negative videos about our great city. The introduction of FrankstonTV has generated an abundance of positive content, which promotes Frankston on www.umarkets.com this global medium.  The channel now records in excess of 2500 views each month.

FrankstonTV is now a community resource that anyone with an interest in Frankston can upload to.  The network can be used for promotion, education, advicacy, or perhaps you just enjoy filming!  Click on the links below to see how you could use FrankstonTV.  For instructions on how to upload your video click here


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